Friday, June 3, 2011

In the Blogosphere: 5/22-6/3

“In the Blogosphere” is a series that lists links to writing-related blogs I’ve stumbled upon throughout a given week (usually).*

*I've saved a *lot* of great links -- all definitely worth a read. As I attempt to catch up in my gigantic queue (YOU'RE A GIGANTIC QUEUE!!), many of these will be older posts -- but only in time stamp. I won't include any that are time-sensitive unless they are current. Deal?


Not sure if this is still an issue, but MediaBistro says NO to Free Public Wifi.

How's your blog doing? Check out J.M. Lacey's tips on how to have a successful one -- and if you're not signed up for her newsletter yet, you should be. She's a marketing whiz! :)

Thinking of creating (or revamping) your Web site? Hiring a Web designer, perhaps? Across the Universe author Beth Revis gives you some things to toss around the old noodle first -- a comprehensive list of what to have (and what not to have) on your site -- before and after publication.


Research can be a B. Here, author and blogging all-star Jody Hedlund gives four practical tips to get you on the right track when researching a novel.

What's in a character name? Self Editing Blog's John Robert Marlow says a lot, over at!

This post is so timely for my IRL group, Shenandoah Writers, as we'll be dissecting story openers at Tuesday's meeting! Here, the made-of-awesome teamsters over at Adventures in Children's Publishing (ACP) talk about how to reel in your reader with your opening sentences.

And, here, my TWITSOM (Twitter soulmate) Cambria Dillon (Dillion *inside jokes*) also weighs in on the subject -- and puts you in the mooooood!

While we're on the subject of MOOD, the inimitable Maggie Stiefvater discusses revising for mood over at Words on Words.

And if that's not enough mood for you, the ladies of ACP also talk about showing and telling -- and they equate "voice" to pornography in the process. Haha. Love them.


The query letter is something most of us can't escape -- from freelancing to novel writing, get ready to write bajillions. Over at The Write Word, copywriter/editor Tom Bentley's got your back, though, with some dos & don'ts that can minimize your stress levels over the pesky little buggers. (Note: Vodka doesn't hurt either.)

Grammar nerds unite! Editor Barbara McNichol muses about why grammar issues happen. (Knowing is half the battle -- hee.)

In a guest post on Nathan Bransford's blog, young adult author Hannah Moskowitz spells out what it takes to be a professional writer. Good stuff!


Because you're good enough, you're smart enough, and GET OVER IT. Here, one of my favorite-evers, Sara McClung, says being positive is sometimes a CHOICE. So choose it & get writing, baby.

I'm glad this dude didn't put "Miami" in this Will Smiff medley because, although I used to love that song, I can't listen to it post LeDouche's "The Decision."
But "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It"? Best rap song EVAR.


Don't forget to enter my second "June is Busting Out All Over" giveaway by 11:59 on 6/4! Next set of winners announced 6/5!

Happy weekend!!!! 


  1. Seriously Schultzish: hey, really, you DON'T owe me for all those drinks I bought you at that writer's conference (by the way, you can really put it down), but I do appreciate that you put in a plug for my querulous query tips. You are a champion of justice (and modern hair styles).

    Vodka does help though, especially when you have to look at photos of Richard Simmons in stripey hot pants. That is one mighty house of pain.

    Now on to important things: When are you going to start the LOLBeaglz site? Have a jolly weekend...

  2. Tom - you are hilar!! Thanks for the fab post!

    Dude, LOLBeaglz would be a site of true awesome. How can we get this going?? I guess we'd probably need more than one beagle?

  3. Well, the beagle shortage is a problem, but perhaps you can employ multiple costumes—Molly with a moustache, Molly with top hat and cigar—to give the illusion of multiple beagles until you replenish your stock.

  4. Hey, thanks for the shout out!! I was in Charleston for the weekend, so just getting caught up w/ all my 600 e-mails.

  5. @TB: YES. She *does* have a few Halloween costumes lying around...I'll have to dig up the pix!

    @J.M.: No problem, lady!! I hear ya on the e-mails. It never stops, does it?