Friday, May 20, 2011

In the Blogosphere: 5/15-5/20

“In the Blogosphere” is a series that lists links to writing-related blogs I’ve stumbled upon throughout a given week (usually).*

*I've saved a *lot* of great links -- all definitely worth a read. As I attempt to catch up in my gigantic queue (YOU'RE A GIGANTIC QUEUE!!), many of these will be older posts -- but only in time stamp. I won't include any that are time-sensitive unless they are current. Deal?

This is going to be a shorter one, as I'm on a time crunch today, just FYI.

Here, fantasy writer Moses Siregar III references Roy Peter Clark's Writing Tools in a discussion about adjectives and when it's appropriate -- and powerful -- to use them.

This post on loglines, by Authoress Anonymous over at Miss Snark's First Victim, is a nice little addendum, since we were just talking about taglines on the blog. 

Here, "Apocalypsie" Miranda Kenneally waxes poetic on the importance of being ridiculous. Whew -- this is good news for me!

It's all about the body language, baby. Over at Boys, Books, Buzz ..., the fantastalicious Wendy Toliver gives tips on how to use body language in order to enhance your characters.

 . . . the Friedrich Agency says: resist the urge to casturbate!!


How to write and stay sane? Have a support community. Over at There Are No Rules, the University of Cincinnati/Writer's Digest's Jane Friedman agrees.

It's funny cuz it's true.  Over at Stir Your Tea, the epic Taherah Mafi details six things you lose when writing a novel.


I went to lunch with Incarnate author, Jodi Meadows, yesterday, and when we got back to her place, HarperCollins had sent her pages of Incarnate to proof!  What's more, her editor let her show them off today on her blog -- check them out and be jealous!  So pretty!!

Want more blogosphere round-ups?  You're in luck!

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