Friday, June 17, 2011

In the Blogosphere: 6/6-6/17

“In the Blogosphere” is a series that lists links to writing-related blogs I’ve stumbled upon throughout a given week (usually).*

*I've saved a *lot* of great links -- all definitely worth a read. As I attempt to catch up in my gigantic queue (YOU'RE A GIGANTIC QUEUE!!), many of these will be older posts -- but only in time stamp. I won't include any that are time-sensitive unless they are current. Deal?

This is going to be a quickie one because I'm on a time crunch -- revisions are about to take over my life!

So, um, what is it you're writing? If you are genre-and-category challenged -- is it fantasy or high fantasy? Urban fantasy or paranormal romance? -- Andrea Brown Literary Agency's Jennifer Laughran has your back with a genre glossary.

Writing can be a very heart-on-your-sleeve thing, but Iain Broome of Write for Your Life says: use your head.

If you're looking to amp up your bloggity traffic, social media/marketing expert Marian Schemnari's got some common sense tips on how to get others to share your posts. Even though this is not rocket science, she says, about 50% of bloggers are missing the mark.

Thinking about self-publishing? Here are some things Bradford Literary Agency's Natalie Fischer says you should consider.

In the fall, agent Kristin Nelson of Nelson Literary ran a pitch webinar, wherein she critiqued 200 pitches. Wowzas. She posted a faboosh recap -- actually two -- detailing where she most commonly saw said pitches going wrong.

Here, my editor over at Writer's Digest Books, Chuck Sambuchino guest blogged on about why agents are rejecting your pages.

Wassup, pitches?? Going to any cons or just having a hard time answering your friends & family when they ask you what you're manuscript's about? Screenwriter John Robert Harlow's got ya covered in terms of how to create the perfect logline.

And now, I must get back to work. But I'll leave you with this very smart beagle (like, I'm almost not convinced it really IS a beagle, it's so smart!):

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